C&ENjobs 2020 Recruitment Kit

Connecting you with top scientific talent at every stage of their career

Connecting you with top chemistry talent in every stage of their career

C&ENjobs is the only online job board that allows employers to reach 150,000 ACS members and 33 million scientific researchers via multiple touchpoints. You can trust that our members, readers, and site visitors are quality chemists who are serious about their craft. And that, with our custom recruitment branding and job posting upgrades, your company will stand out among the mounting recruitment competition.

To help you better engage with your ideal scientific candidate in today’s scientific job market, we’ve expanded the recruitment solutions that are featured in our yearly media kits. Now you can find more details on our most popular products like the employer showcase ads and our online job posting upgrades, including job tweets.

Download our 2020 Recruitment Media and learn about the new recruitment solutions we offer, including:

  • Online job postings
  • Resume database access
  • Employer showcase ads
  • Digital display ads
  • Employer branding content

We can help you connect with top scientific talent at any stage in their career. Fill out the form to get the 2020 Recruitment Kit.


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