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Connecting you with top scientific talent at very stage of their career

If you are looking for top chemistry talent. Go where you know the chemists are. 

Representing the world’s largest, most prestigious scientific organization of the American Chemical Society, C&EN and C&ENjobs are where today’s brightest minds go to enrich their careers, and where smart companies turn for the talent to drive innovation, growth, and gain a keen competitive edge.

C&ENjobs is the only online job board that allows employers to reach 150,000 ACS members and 27 million scientific researchers via multiple touchpoints. You can trust that our members, readers, and site visitors are quality chemists who are serious about their craft. We’re their trusted resource, let us be yours.

Download our 2019 Recruitment Media Kit and learn how our recruitment solutions can connect you with top scientific talent at any stage in their career. Also, be the first to receive the C&ENjobs 2019 Editorial Calendar

Exclusive recruitment solutions with C&ENjobs:

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